One woman. Multiple personalities.

United States of Tara

2009 - 2011

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United States of Tara stars Academy Award-nominee Toni Collette as Tara, a suburban wife and mother struggling with DID (dissociative identity disorder), formerly known as multiple personality disorder.

Created by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (Best Screenplay, Juno) and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the series delves into how a family copes with the various personalities that may appear on any given day. In this first season, Tara makes the risky choice of going off her medication in an effort to uncover the truth about her condition's source, but multiple personalities "T," a spunky teenager, "Buck," a gun-nut Vietnam vet, and "Alice," a traditional homemaker, make her journey a tumultuous one; Max struggles with the appearances of Tara's "alters", Kate embraces her reputation, Marshall crushes on a straight boy in school, Charmaine gets a breast augmentation, and Tara's concerned parents try to take her kids away.

Suburban wife and mother Tara Gregson (Toni Collette, who won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Tara's first season) is well and dissociation-free as the second season of United States of Tara kicks off. With a bang, everything changes and her alternate personalities once again emerge. The more Tara delves deeper into the source of her Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the more her family's world starts to unravel.

Family secrets are revealed when Tara manifests a new alter, "Shoshana," who doesn't hold back on revealing suppressed memories during a tornado, Max tries to renovate and flip a house he inherited, the newly engaged Charmaine moves in with the Gregsons but hides a secret from them and her fiancé, Marshall tries dating a girl, and Kate takes on a fantasy persona online.

In the third and final season of United States of Tara, Tara (Toni Colette, winner of the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Comedy for her work in Season 2†) decides to go back to school and signs up for Abnormal Psychology, a course taught by a professor (Eddie Izzard) who becomes intrigued by her case, especially when Tara's new alter "Bryce" takes over her personality.

Meanwhile, Max sells the family business but becomes deeply unhappy with his new boss and decides to reunite his old rock band, Marshall becomes a student filmmaker, Kate finds her calling as a flight attendant and starts a long-distance romance with a single father, and Charmaine has her baby but refuses to allow Tara near the child.

† Collette was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on Season 3 of The United States of Tara.


1. Pilot
A frantic Tara explains to a camera that she is under stress due to her job and discovering her teenage daughter Kate's morning after pill prescription. Kate comes home to find her mother in her room as "T," her teenage "alter," high on marijuana and looking through Kate's clothes. Tara's husband Max and son come home, not surprised to find "Alex," another alter, visiting. (Original airdate: January 18, 2009)

2. Aftermath
Tara's on camera again explaining her annoyed feelings about "the alters" and the family has a meeting about what happened while she wasn't herself. She isn't used to the alters because she has just gotten off her medicine that keeps them away. (Original airdate: January 25, 2009)

3. Work
Charmaine recommends Tara to her friend for a mural project. In order to become closer to Max again, Tara plans a romantic sex night, but when "Buck" makes an unexpected reappearance, things get complicated. (Original airdate: February 1, 2009)

4. Inspiration
Tara's stress levels are starting to come down as she gets to work on a mural for her friend Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany starts to get a little too curious about Tara's condition, causing her mural to get destroyed. (Original airdate: February 8, 2009)

5. Revolution
When Tara, as her teenage alter T, steals her own car, Max and Charmaine must chase her, leaving Marshall home alone. He decides to throw a party to win the love of his classmate Jason, on whom he has a crush. (Original airdate: February 15, 2009)

6. Transition
Tara's parents pay a visit to the family. Unbeknownst to either Tara or Max, they have a plan to get Kate and Marshall to live with them. Kate also begins to get involved with her boss Gene. That night, Max begins to see notice an animalistic alter in Tara. (Original airdate: February 22, 2009)

7. Alterations
Charmaine has corrective surgery on her breasts and is surprised to await to "Buck," an alter, at her bedside rather than Tara. Despite this, the two begin to bond. (Original airdate: March 1, 2009)

8. Abundance
Alter "Alice" re-emerges and Max decides to embrace his time with her, even though he misses his wife. Despite Marshall's concerns that Jason's father knows about his crush on Jason, the boys grow close. (Original airdate: March 8, 2009)

9. Possibility
Needing a break from real life, Kate and Tara head out on a road trip; Max uses this time from Tara to search for answers about her past. (Original airdate: March 15, 2009)

10. Betrayal
Dr. Ocean unexpectedly terminates Tara's treatment, leading to alter "Gimmies" first appearance. Things being to unravel and one of Tara's alters takes action that could break Marshall's heart. (Original airdate: March 22, 2009)

11. Snow
Tara checks into a facility that specializes in dissociation. There she meets Dr. Golden, who pushes for her to recover lost memories. Max tries to take advantage of the support groups for significant others, but is reluctant. (Original airdate: March 29, 2009)

12. Miracle
Tara encounters an important person from her past and begins to heal some of her pain. (Original airdate: April 5, 2009)


1. Yes
The Gregson's neighbor commits suicide and the family is unexpectedly given responsibility of the house. Now well and dissociation-free for several months, Tara sets out to make new friends with Max's help. Marshall struggles to fit in at school while Kate lands a new job. (Original airdate: March 22, 2010)

2. Trouble Junction
Tara realizes her alternate personalities are emerging again, but keeps it a secret. Newly engaged Charmaine asks to move in with Tara and her family. Kate meets a mysterious holder woman, Lynda, while Marshall begins a new relationship...with a girl. (Original airdate: March 29, 2010)

3. The Truth Hurts
The family discovers the truth—Tara's alternate personalities are back. Buck's actions have brought serious consequences that unleash a new side of Max, (Original airdate: April 5, 2010)

4. You Becoming You
Tara sets out to find a new therapist as Max struggles to come to terms with Buck's affair. Marshall and Courtney take their relationship to the next level. Tara and Max disapprove of Kate's friendship with Lynda. (Original airdate: April 12, 2010)

5. Doin' Time
Max's violent outburst comes back to haunt him. Tara learns she is now able to be aware of what her newest alternate personality, "Shoshana," does. Kate's music video is an internet success. Marshall decides he has to break up with Courtney. (Original airdate: April 19, 2010)

6. Tornado
When a tornado blows through Overland Park, it forces the Gregson family to take refuge in the basement. Shoshana arrives and holds a group therapy session where dark family secrets are exposed. (Original airdate: April 26, 2010)

7. Department of F'd Up Family Services
An imminent visit from a social worker sends Max into a tailspin. Tara horns in on Kate's friendship with Lynda. Courtney pushes Marshall to the brink. (Original airdate: May 3, 2010)

8. Explosive Diorama
Tara has never felt better as she and Lynda prepare for their art show. Kate lashes out by starting a controversial new business, while Marshall grows closer to his friend Lionel. Max makes a decision that will change everything. (Original airdate: May 10, 2010)

9. The Family Portrait
Tara hopes to reconnect with her family through her latest art project, a family portrait. Max works to separate himself from Pammy. Kate becomes intrigued with a new guy she met online. Marshall learns bad news about Ted and Hany. (Original airdate: May 17, 2010)

10. Open House
Max holds an open house for his newly finished remodel. Tara and Charmaine ask their mom about Tara's childhood memories. Marshall and Lionel go cruising. Kate's new man worries about their age difference. (Original airdate: May 24, 2010)

11. To Have and To Hold
Tara and Charmaine go visit the woman from Tara's memories. Kate attempts to change herself for Zach. Marshall begins to fall for Lionel. A new alternate personality arrives. (Original airdate: May 31, 2010)

12. From This Day Forward
It's Charmaine and Nick's wedding day. Tara confronts her parents about her childhood and long-held secrets are revealed. Kate and Marshall accidentally find a piece of the puzzle that could derail everything. (Original airdate: June 7, 2010)


1. ...youwillnotwin...
Tara decides to finish the last few credits she needs to earn her college degree, but Max worries the stress will trigger a transition to one of alters. Kate tries to plan the next phase of her life. (Original airdate: March 28, 2011)

2. Crackerjack
Tara transitions into her psychiatrist alter Shoshana in class and is humiliated by her professor. Max considers an offer to sell his business to a competitor, which would put his best friend Neil out of a job just as he's moving in with Charmaine and the baby to come. (Original airdate: April 4, 2011)

3. The Full F*@$ You Finger
The stress of juggling school and Charmaine's baby shower causes Tara to transition, with negative consequences for Charmaine. Kate meets a flight attendant who inspires a new idea about her future. (Original airdate: April 11, 2011)

4. Wheels
Tara and Charmaine are rushed to the same hospital in the same ambulance, where Charmaine declares her baby off limits to her crazy sister. Tara attempts to make a deal with her alters, which intrigues her professor. (Original airdate: April 18, 2011)

5. Dr. Hattaras' Miracle Elixir
Tara tries to drop her Abnormal Psychology class but instead receives an intriguing pitch from her instructor, Dr. Hattaras. Charmaine and Neil find parenthood a struggle but still refuse Tara's help. (Original airdate: April 25, 2011)

6. The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions
Tara seems to be making progress with her new contract but Dr. Hattaras discovers something disturbing in a tape from one of her therapy sessions. (Original airdate: May 2, 2011)

7. The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp
Max is delighted by Tara's suggestion that he reunite his rock band, Beaverlamp. Kate connects with frequent flyer Evan. Marshall and Noah stage a tense, revealing interview with Max for their film festival project. (Original airdate: May 9, 2011)

8. Chicken 'N' Corn
A scare at a local corn maze leave Tara shaken, and she later reveals a new alter that threatens Charmaine's baby. Kate escorts Max and Marshall to New York. Charmaine meets a "fierce mommy" at a spa. (Original airdate: May 16, 2011)

9. Bryce Will Play
Dr. Hattaras and Tara seek the help of another professional to deal with her violent new alter, Bryce. Marshall is confused when his short film about Max clearly hurts his father's feelings. Kate continues her long distance relationship with Evan. (Original airdate: May 23, 2011)

10. Train Wreck
A heavily medicated Tara rids the house of all Bryce-ness, in preparation for the return of Max and Marshall from New York. Max is shocked to learn of Dr. Hattaras' swift departure and is nervous about its implications on his wife's mental health. (Original airdate: June 6, 2011)

11. Crunchy Ice
Bryce has taken over Marshall's room and is wreaking havoc on the Gregson family. Tara's other alters are disappearing and Max realizes he has to take action before Bryce can do any more damage. (Original airdate: June 13, 2011)

12. The Good Parts
Tara and Max decide to get Tara the sophisticated help she needs from a specialist in Boston, but first the Gregsons have to once again put the pieces of their fractured family back together. (Original airdate: June 20, 2011)

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