Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero




From executive producer Steven Spielberg comes Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, showcasing the men and women determined to rebuild and restore a sacred site and construct the new, 104-story One World Trade Center. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of September 11th, Discovery Channel's captivating new series is the story of the heroic quest of ordinary people—engineers, construction workers, city planners, and architects—on an extraordinary journey of passion and purpose.

From the iron workers who lost brothers and friends, to the architect who dreams of a new dawn for New York City, and the family members who seek closure and solace, Rising sees real people facing the highest stakes in their professional lives—to meet their construction deadline and to do honor to the victims and their families. With emotional precision, incredible access and deft storytelling, Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero links workers, surviving family members, elected officials and first responders, as they share a bond and a compelling purpose to see the greatest city on earth once again rise from the ashes.


1. Reclaiming the Skyline Part 1
The story of Americans rebuilding a 16-acre plot in Lower Manhattan and healing a nation in the process. The new World Trade Center, which will rise 1,776 ft., will embody America's physical response to the 9/11 attacks. (Original airdate: August 25, 2011)

2. Reclaiming the Skyline Part 2
A behind-the-scenes look at the new World Trade Center. About to reach the 1,000-foot mark, it is effectively reclaiming the New York City skyline. However, it's more than just an engineering marvel, it demonstrates that America is rising. (Original airdate: August 25, 2011)

3. Stories from the Pile
Presenting the National 9/11 Museum, which will use physical remnants of the tragedy, including first response vehicles and the original steel footings of the towers' 80 feet underground, to tell the story of America's darkest day. (Original airdate: August 25, 2011)

4. A New City
The commemoration of 9/11 focuses on the survivors; those who did not flee in the wake of the disaster. Instead, they remained after the attacks to rebuild and repair, not just destroyed property, but also their community and life's work. (Original airdate: September 1, 2011)

5. A Gateway to New York
Focusing on the story behind what will eclipse Grand Central as New York's iconic transportation hub. The train station that once lay beneath the hallowed ground of the Twin Towers is being rebuilt on a massive, cathedral-like scale. (Original airdate: September 1, 2011)

6. A Place to Mourn
In tribute to the victims of 9/11, a new memorial commemorating the names of the thousands we lost and will never forget will be unveiled and, after ten long years, their families will finally have a place to mourn. (Original airdate: September 1, 2011)

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